A play-based nature preschool in Encinitas, CA

Our unique setting provides a safe and stimulating environment that nurtures curiosity and invites discovery. Children spend much of the day outdoors where they climb, swing, paint, build, play house and help care for our animals and organic garden.  



Process art, building/construction, dramatic play, music and manipulatives are all part of our daily routine. Children learn by doing, making and testing. When they are interested and inspired, their motivation to learn grows with them.


Children practice conflict resolution, turn-taking, and sharing under the guidance of experienced, caring teachers in a low 1:3 ratio. An emphasis on environmental conscientiousness empowers children to believe that they can make a difference in the world.


We meet children where they are and support them on their unique path of growth, self-discovery and mastery. We harness the power of intrinsic motivation to foster critical early brain development. At the Little Green Schoolhouse, children learn, play, grow and blossom. 


Who we are

We are experienced early educators who became parents and decided to create the kind of preschool that we wanted our son to attend. We are first aid/CPR certified, background checked and we qualify for the California Early Childhood Master Teacher credential. 

Our schedule

Due to COVID-19, we are currently not accepting new students. If you are interested in being placed on a waitlist and notified of future openings, please email us at encinitaspreschool@gmail.com. Thank you and be well!


Our preschool philosophy

Our adaptive teaching style follows students' interests while supporting and promoting the balanced growth of each child. Children build confidence, hone problem-solving skills, and learn to treat others and the planet with kindness and respect. Through purposeful play in a thoughtfully curated environment, children gain the knowledge they need to be kindergarten ready. In response to COVID-19, we have reduced enrollment and strengthened our health and safety policies and procedures to minimize risk of exposure in our school community while still providing a rich environment for children to learn and grow.