What scheduling options are available?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and our desire to maximize safety and minimize exposure, we currently only offer 4- and 5-day/week options. We are also limiting our enrollment to six families total. In our mind, this is the surest way to help us function as normally as possible during this uncertain time.

Does my child need to be potty trained to attend?

We will be happy to help you support your son or daughter along the path to becoming diaper-free in the manner and on the timeline that works for your child and your family. There is no extra charge for children who are not yet potty-trained but parents are responsible for providing all diapers and wipes.

Do you serve food?

We provide organic, wholesome snacks in the morning and afternoon. Once a week on our cooking day, we plan and make our snack together with the children, using ingredients from our garden whenever possible. We ask that you please pack a lunch for your child that will give him or her the energy necessary for a day of fun and learning. We politely request that you limit foods with added sugars and that you pack food in reusable containers. Our hope is to create zero waste from our snacks and meals. Eventually, we may provide organic family-style lunches for the children if that is something that parents and children are interested in trying out.

What is the application/enrollment process?

After you and your child visit the school, if it feels like our program is a fit for your family and vice versa, you will be given our enrollment packet, which includes our contract, family handbook, a family questionnaire, and all of the paperwork required by state licensing. As a licensed child care facility, we must have your child's completed paperwork, particularly proof of immunizations, on file before they are able to start our program. Enrollment is ongoing and dependent upon available space and scheduling.

Which immunizations are required prior to enrollment?

As a state licensed child care facility, we are required to comply with all of the same immunization guidelines as public schools, head start programs, etc. The required vaccines vary by age and can be found here.

How many children will be in the class?

As a result of COVID-19, for the foreseeable future our enrollment will be capped at 6 families total and our class size will be six or seven children, with a teacher-to-child ratio of 1:3 (or 3.5, depending on the day). Ordinarily, we cap enrollment at 8 children per day and eventually (after the pandemic resolves) we plan to hire a highly qualified third teacher and will expand the class size to twelve children. It is our goal to provide your children with a rich educational experience that serves as the foundation for their later learning and life. With that in mind, the third teacher would likely be a native Spanish speaker and at that point we would incorporate a Spanish language component into our program.

Do you offer any discounts?

Because our program is small and our teacher-to-student ratio is low, our tuition may be higher than some other programs. In an effort to make our program accessible to a broader range of Encinitas families, we offer the following discounts: Multiple children/siblings: We love keeping families together and think that one of the best things about running a mixed-age classroom is that siblings of different ages can be together in the same class. We offer a 5% discount on the tuition of ALL enrolled children in the same family and for any future siblings. Military: We offer a 10% discount for families where one or more of the child's primary caregivers is serving our has served in the US military. This discount is available for one child in each family. For multiple children, please see the sibling discount above. Due to our reduced class size, it is at our discretion on a case by case basis whether or not to offer our normal discounts at this time.

Are you currently open and accepting new students?

Due to the recent increase in cases of COVID-19, we no longer feel it is safe to run the kind of program we believe in out of our home. We are therefore temporarily closed and not accepting new students at this time. If you are interested in being contacted when we reopen, please email us at encinitaspreschool@gmail.com. Thank you and take good care!

FAQs about our Preschool