“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.” ~ O. Fred Donaldson

Preschool - Creating a unique sand toy

Our Preschool Curriculum

  • Our curriculum is play-based, developmentally appropriate and emergent:

    • Play-based: Children learn important concepts in language, science and math through playful interaction with carefully selected materials and thoughtfully planned activities. 

    • Developmentally appropriate: Our program is designed to meet children where they are developmentally and support them as they progress beyond that. 

    • Emergent: We construct activities, projects and interest centers around what our students are curious about and what concepts and skills they most need to learn and practice.

  • Our class is comprised of a mixed-age group of eight children ages 2 through pre-K. Some benefits of a mixed-age program are that two and three year olds are motivated and inspired by their pre-K peers while older children deepen their comprehension and build confidence by passing on their knowledge and skills to younger ones. 

  • We keep a 1:4 (currently 1:3 due to COVID-19) staff-to-child ratio to ensure that the children are always safe and supported.

Enrollment is ongoing and we love showing new friends around our schoolhouse. Come visit us and see if our family might be a fit for yours!

We believe that...

  • Preschool teaching should be flexible and adaptive. By incorporating components of various teaching philosophies, we are able to create an individualized approach for each child. 

  • Young children crave autonomy and independence, and yet they still require supervision and assistance from warm and loving caregivers. At our Encinitas preschool, we provide this delicate balance of autonomy and support. 

  • One of the most important functions of a pre-Kindergarten education is to promote pro-social behavior and to help children learn how to appropriately express and regulate their emotions. We work with families to help children move forward on their paths to becoming thoughtful, generous, conscientious citizens of the world. 

  • Preschool should be a joyful experience for your child and family. The more your child enjoys coming to school each day, the more likely he or she will have positive feelings towards Kindergarten and future school experiences.

  • Family comes first. We are committed to working with families to help support you in your childrearing practices and honor your home culture and traditions.

  • It truly takes a village and, in the interest of building a strong school-home community, we give priority enrollment to families who live or work in Encinitas and, of course, to siblings of enrolled children. 

  • We celebrate diversity and encourage acceptance of all people. Above all, we value love, kindness, integrity, honest, fairness and friendship.

Other Important Info

  • We spend a significant portion of the day outside appreciating all of nature's wonders. In other words, your child will get dirty ;)

  • Our organic garden affords many opportunities for learning about plants, insects, the life cycle, patience and perseverance. It also offers us delicious and nutritious snacks.

  • In addition to the garden, we have lots of animals at our school, including fish, reptiles, chickens and bunnies. Interaction with our animals is always supervised and we wash our hands before and after coming into contact with any of them. Children have the opportunity to see different habitats, learn about animal husbandry and take on some responsibility for the care of other living beings.

  • We practice and teach respect for the environment, careful use of resources and how to be kind and gentle to the planet and all of its inhabitants. 

  • We use nontoxic, environmentally friendly materials and cleaning products to the extent allowable by state licensing requirements for health and safety.

  • We carefully adhere to best practices for safety, cleaning and hygiene in order to minimize the risk of germ transmission. Our school protocols and procedures have been updated to incorporate several additional safety measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.